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Please complete and submit the form.  By submitting it you acknowledge you have read and understand ByCycle’s Rules and Safety Advice and consent to ByCycle holding this data in accordance with ByCycle’s  Data Protection Policy. If you want to change or update your data now or later, please complete and resubmit the form.  If you want it deleted completely, please inform any ByCycle official or email   Deletion will occur within 28 days.

As agreed at ByCycle’s AGM in April 2019, a moratorium has been placed on the collection of subscription fees for 2019/20.  This means that it is completely free to support and/or participate in ByCycle’s campaigning or cycle rides.  

If you do not submit the form you will not be a member of ByCycle, not entitled to come on more than two rides nor will you receive ride notifications and other ByCycle related information.  However you can continue to view it on this website and on our Facebook page. 

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Our Meetings

We hold meetings four times a year in accordance with our constitution, although sub-groups may meet more frequently to work on particular projects.  Our Quarterly Meetings, which we like to think are a forum for all those interested in cycling issues, are open to ALL whether members or not.

Click here for forthcoming meeting and latest draft minutes.