Links with other organisations

Bike Station Perth support us throughout the year and, particularly, provide technical backup to our Special Ride in August each year.  They offer repair facilities, refurbished cycles and training facilities from their base in Perth’s High Street.

Various members of Bycycle have attended conferences organised by Cycling Scotland and Cycling UK.   ByCycle is an affiliated group of Cycling UK.  If you wish to know more about the benefits and discounts that ByCycle members can enjoy if they join this organisation as individuals, please check here.

We are in touch with campaigners for the WeWalkWeCycleWeVote movement, which is an umbrella organisation representing the whole cycling movement.

We have met with Transform Scotland who report on and research infrastructure and signage in Scotland’s principal cities.  They are currently researching the possibility of a segregated cycleway into Perth alongside Dunkeld Road.

Embedded Sustrans and Cycling Scotland representative from TACTRAN have attended our meetings.

Useful links

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